Boil Water Notice for HCWCID 96 – 2/17/21

You should boil your water at a roiling boil for 2 minutes now out of an abundance of caution. You probably saw the emergency alert with the boil water notice for the City of Houston. We are getting most of our water from our well now but we were supplementing with some water from the City of Houston system. The operators are going out to stop the water from the city system from entering our system now.

The operator believes that it is most likely that our water is safe, although because there is the possibility that some of the City water system water might have been compromised and entered into our system, we must caution you now to boil water for two minutes before drinking if using water you drew from the tap this morning and until you hear otherwise.

The WCID 96 operators have compliance people working to determine if our water system kept enough pressure from the city lines to mean we were not affected. We may be able to lift the boil water notice soon.

In the meantime, please boil water for two minutes before drinking or cooking. If you only have an electric stove, boil some water as soon as power comes back on before it is cut again.