No Boil Water Advisory for WCID 96

There is currently NO boil water advisory for WCID 96. No boil water advisory has ever been issued for WCID 96 related to the City of Houston water main break.

WCID 96 is a wholesale water customer of the City of Houston and we get much of our water from the City although we also have our own water well. Our system is operated independently from the City of Houston and the WCID 96 operators have been consistently monitoring our system. Our water pressures have remained normal. Our levels of disinfectants and residuals have remained normal. Therefore WCID 96 has not issued a boil water advisory.

As a precaution, WCID 96 is flushing the system by opening up fire hydrants and running water out of the pipes. This operation is planned to turn over the water in the system twice just out of an abundance of caution to clear the system. This may continue through the day and evening on February 28.

Again, WCID 96 has not issued any boil water advisories due to the City of Houston water main break and all testing so far has shown normal water pressures and quality indicating the water is safe to drink.

No advisories have been posted to the web site because there has not been any issue with the water in WCID 96 so far. If there are any advisories issued, they will be posted here.