WCID 96 Recycling Changes to Wednesday Starting January 6, 2021

The recycling pick up day in WCID 96 will be changing from Saturday to Wednesday starting Wednesday, January 6. Regular trash collection will still continue on both Wednesday and Saturday. The final Saturday recycling collection will be on Saturday, January 2. Recycling collection on Wednesdays will begin on Wednesday, January 6. Everything else about recycling and trash collection will remain the same.

The recycling and trash provider requested this change because there are more cars parked on the street and more people (especially children) walking about on Saturday compared to Wednesday, so they think it will be safer and more efficient to collect the recycling on Wednesday and only have one set of trucks run through the neighborhood (collecting trash) on Saturdays and have both sets of trucks (recycling and trash) run through the neighborhood on Wednesday instead. Also, some residents miss getting their recycling picked up on Saturday when they go out of town for the weekend, and now they will find it easier to make the Wednesday recycling collection. Having the double recycling runs for the week of transition right after the holidays will also help clear the holiday recycling volume. There will be pick up on both Saturday, Jan. 2 and Wednesday, Jan. 6.

As a reminder, WCID 96 covers Fall Creek west of Wilson Road plus Heather Glen. The rest of Fall Creek on the east side is in MUD 49.