Harris County Sheriff’s Office – Alarm Detail

Did you know? A county permit is required for your alarm system.

Texas Local Government Code Sec. 233.092

Texas Rules Governing the Operation and Regulation of Alarm Systems in Unincorporated Harris County, Texas

Section 2. Permit Requirements:

(a) Unless otherwise allowed by law, no person shall operate, cause to be operated, or allow the operation of an alarm system or otherwise use an alarm system in unincorporated Harris County, Texas unless such person has been issued a valid and unrevoked Permit under regulations for such use of that alarm system, including each alarm system feature with which it is equipped.

Don’t Get Caught Without a Permit

$75.00 Fine for Each Unpermitted Alarm Call

Subject to Additional Citations, Court Costs and Fines for All Unpermitted Alarm Systems

Get Your Permit

Please call 713-755-4600 for more information; or visit: https://www.hcsoalarmpermit.com

  • $35.00 For Your Harris County Alarm Permit
  • $10.00 Annual Renewal Fee
  • Seniors 65+ (No Charge for Applications / Renewals)
  • Annual Permits Include up to 3 Free False Alarms