Fall Creek Sports Complex Reservations Cancelled Through April 3rd

The Fall Creek Sports Complex is cancelling all reservations for the sports fields and pavilion up to and including April 3 in accordance with the governor’s order to stop any gatherings of more than 10 people. No group of more than 10 people should be gathering in the park.

The governor’s directive today closed bars and restaurants but directed for parks to stay open. Therefore, the Fall Creek Sports Complex will remain open but all organized and team activities in the park and fields are now suspended through April 3. There will be no events or team activities in the Sports Complex through April 3.

Please be advised that, although the park will remain open regular hours for now, the Sports Complex does not not have staff to clean or sanitize the playground equipment and any use of the playground equipment will be at your own risk (or your child’s own risk). WCID 96 strongly discourages use of the playground equipment at this time.

Getting out to hike or bike the trails is allowed, but please maintain social distancing and stay 6 feet away from others as you use the park. The restrooms will also remain open regular hours during this time, but they are only serviced/cleaned twice a week, so use of the restrooms also remains at your own risk.

Please wash your hands frequently when using the park and please leave the toilet paper in the restroom for park patrons to use.

WCID 96 will continue to monitor the directives that come from the local, state and federal governments and WCID 96 may revise the policy of park use at any time. Just use common sense and listen to updates on the news about what do to. Please stay well and stay safe everyone!