Crime Watch Tips & Information

As suggested by your Fall Creek Crime Watch Committee.

Call 911 for any crime IN PROGRESS

Call Harris County Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency Phone Number (713) 221-6000- Option 6 to report any suspicious activity.

Secure Your Car

  • Lock cars & engage anti-theft alarm system -As long as criminals keep finding easy targets (unlocked cars}, they’ll keep coming back.
  • Park in a locked garage or your driveway -Cars parked on street make easier targets.
  • Hide valuables/garage door opener from sight or remove them from your car altogether – don’t leave valuables in car overnight.
  • Consider wheel locks – Wheels/tires are typically stolen from larger vehicles (trucks & SUVs) that are parked in driveway due to size.

Secure Your Home

  • Lock all doors and windows & engage home alarm system
    • Add glass break sensors to detect entry through windows/doors without alarm sensors
  • Coordinate a Distress Code with your alarm company-A Distress Code silences the alarm, but a call still goes out to law enforcement, with 911 priority
  • Consider installing a Ring doorbell ( to monitor front door traffic from your phone
  • Reinforce doors –
    • Replace your 1″ screws with 3″ screws that go into the studs at the plate and hinges
    • Invest in quality deadbolts or swap out deadbolt locks with key bolt
  • Make it look like someone is always home
    • Open windows blinds during the day (but close them at ni$ht)
    • Use timers for indoor lighting -vary the on/off times in different rooms
  • Record Serial Numbers
    • Your items can’t be returned to you unless you’ve got a record of what you own.
    • Take pictures, especially of Serial Numbers, and store on a thumb drive kept somewhere safe.

Landscaping & Lighting

  • Pick up newspapers in yard and business cards/fliers from front door
  • Consider how your landscaping can deter or help criminals.
    • Cut large bushes/trees that provide unnoticed access to your home
    • Keep bushes in front of windows trimmed below window pane
      Thorny rose bushes in front of windows can deter a criminal
  • Lock gates to backyard using pad locks (to prevent easy entry)
  • Turn your porch lights and driveway lights on at night – use a timer to ensure lights are on even when you’re not at home or consider dusk to dawn sensor lighting
  • Install motion activated flood lights in the rear and sides of the house to illuminate areas that normally have no lighting
  • Clearly mark your street number on your home or curb so you can easily be located in case of an emergency

Be Aware & Know Your Neighbors

  • As neighbors, we all have a vested interest in securing and maintaining our homes – IF YOU NOTICE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING!
  • Be aware of suspicious people/cars in your neighborhood – anything you may not recognize
  • Be aware of suspicious people/cars following you home -from bank, from shopping or commuting from work
  • Establish and build those relationships with your neighbors-Swap phone numbers so you can contact each other if you see a problem
  • Join Nextdoor – it is a great resource to help you stay informed regarding Crime & Safety within Fall Creek. You can sign-up for specific neighborhoods & also join groups specific to your interests and/or Fall Creek village. This is primarily where the CWC & Block Captains distribute information. (At a minimum, consider activating “Urgent Alerts” to receive an immediate text in the event there is a major incident within Fall Creek.)

General Home Safety

  • Establish/communicate a fire escape plan for your family & ensure maintained fire extinguishers are readily available within the home
  • Never leave extra keys in expected places -under the doormat and in the flowerpot next to the door are not smart hiding places
  • Unload and lock away firearms, and any other weapons
  • Keep medications and chemicals safely out of reach of children
  • If you have a pool, keep it locked down or fenced in when not in use

Local Numbers & Resources

  • HCSO Non-Emergency -(713) 221-6000 -Option 6
  • Eastex Freeway Volunteer Fire Dept – (281) 847-3300
  • Statewide Animal Control -Contact Paul at 713-417-7920
  • Report Street Light outages -(713) 207-2222
    • Be sure to capture the number on the pole before reporting
  • Stay up to date with what’s going on in Fall Creek via
  • Utilize HCSO’s Vacation Watch Program when away for an extended time. Visit or call (281) 446-9155 for more information.

If you would like to participate in the CWC or simply learn more about the Crime Watch Committee, please email